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Meet Our Staff

Each person on staff is a member of Faith Wesleyan Church and dedicated to serving God through the ministry of service. Each of our Staff members are Leaders in the church and take on other ministries such as Sunday School teachers, Small Group Leaders, Children's Programs, Outreach Cordinators and  Special Events.

Carol Sherwood
Business Manager

I believe that being a part of a church is a vital part of your life.  Not only does it enrich your spiritual life, but it also provides fellowship and friendships, and becomes a sanctuary when you need it.


I joined Faith Wesleyan Church 25 years ago.  I was brought here by the need of child care but stayed because of the friendliness of the membership and the Christian education it provided my children.  Now that my children are grown, I see the infuence this church has had on their lives.  And I thank God for that everyday.


Nancy Simpson

Children's Academy Director

Twenty Years ago my family joined FWC.  We  became involved in the church activities from the start.  FWC is a wonderful place to worship Christ and to serve Christ.  FWC holds a special place in my heart because my daughter, now 27 years old , became a Christian during VBS when she was 8 years old.  Praying with her at the altar is a glorious memory.  Now my grandchildren are growing up worshiping at FWC also. It is home.  Thru the years I have served at FWC in several areas:


Nursery Director in past years

Nursery Worker

Vacation Bible School Teacher

Wednesday nights - Teach elementary age children

Sunday School substitute Teacher for children

Served on the LBA

Served on the Leadership committee

2000 hired as Assistant Director of Faith Wesleyan Child Care, now Director (now known as Faith Wesleyan Children's Academy)



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