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J. Daryl Lewis - Lead Pastor

Jeanie Holt Lewis-Pastor's Wife


 Pastor Daryl “PD” has been the pastor of Faith Wesleyan Church since July of 2011.

He is a native of Greensboro and married Jeanie in 1981.They have two sons;

Brandon and Tyler and three grandchildren; Ava, Camden and Allie.  Brandon is married

to Olivia and is a pastor in Pierre, South Dakota, Ava and Camden are their children.

Tyler is married to Lyndsey and is serving the US Navy in Jacksonville, Florida, Allie

is their daughter.


 Pastor Daryl and Jeanie feel that God has called them to grow His Kingdom by

teaching His people the importance of reaching out and meeting the needs of others

while sharing the Gospel message with everyone that crosses our path. They believe

that Jesus calls all of His Followers to be His hands, feet and voice in the world

He created. Therefore, there is no place for casual observers in the Kingdom of

Heaven only active participants. They invite you all to come and share in the joys of

His Kingdom!

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