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Our church grew out of a tent meeting in 1937.  On May 11, 1941 we were received into the Wesleyan conference as the "First Wesleyan Methodist Church of Greensboro".  As we grew through the years, we purchased land  in 1958 and erected a new building at 300 Lawrence St. in Greensboro.  When we outgrew those facilites, we purchased 13 plus acres of land located at 4425 Rehobeth Church Rd  in 1969 where we continue to reside.  The desire for the church was to meet the physical and spiritual needs of all ages.  By adding a child care facility to the church, an activities field to our property and by supporting a mission for the homeless, we feel we are growing to meet those needs. 


If you are looking for a church home, we would like to invite you to attend Faith Weseyan Church.

Our Mission

Official Mission Statement


Faith Wesleyan Church comes together as a body of Believers, knowing that…


God has Created, Called and Consecrated us through His love and grace to;


Receive Jesus- By faith as we hear, believe and repent.


Become Disciples of Jesus- By the filling of the Holy Spirit as we pray, study and grow.


Share the Gospel of Jesus- By boldly obeying His Great Commission as we go, tell and serve.


Faith Wesleyan Church: Receiving, Becoming like and Sharing Jesus as we GO!

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